In Quietness And In Confidence Shall Be Your Strength

In the period we call Lent, we remember that Jesus went into the desert for a quiet time of fasting and prayer in preparation for beginning his work for God. These materials are offered for use on those days when you make a conscious effort to remove yourself from the humdrum of daily life and enter into a time of quiet reflection and spiritual regeneration. We offer a mix of picture posts / poetry and reflections / quiet day resources

  • Jez and his Dad – we are building a 12 part series of written/audio stories from Roy Lorrain-Smith. These were first used as one minute Monday to Friday thoughts for Pennine Radio.
  • Jesus Shaped People – worship and spirituality resources

Picture Posts – Rev Phil Drake

Lockdown has opened up some opportunities for me, including looking through my collection of photographs taken over the years whilst away on holiday or as part of time spent nearer to home. It occurred to me that some of them could be used to share with others during these times of self-isolation and social distancing. Each week I will aim to offer four photos on a theme. You may wish to use them as an aid to reflection, or you may just be glad to see glimpses of the world beyond your immediate confines. Photography is not a hobby for me as such and I do not claim to take great photographs, but I hope that they might prove to be of help to you as we all seek to continue on the journey of faith even when, physically speaking, we cannot venture very far.

  1. The sign of the cross.
  2. Ascent.
  3. Water of life.
  4. Flora.
  5. Resting.
  6. Crossing places.
  7. Rock of ages.
  8. Trees in season.

Poetry / Reflections