‘And Now These Three Remain: Faith, Hope And Love’
(1 Corinthians 13: 13)
  • What is the first step to getting married in a Methodist Church?
    Contact us and one of the Ministry Team will get back to you to discuss. Please indicate which church you want to get married in. One of the parties would normally have to be a resident in the Registration District where the church is situated (Bradford Metropolitan District, or for Calverley Methodist Church, Leeds Metropolitan District).
  • Do you have to tell the Registrar?
    Yes, your details need to be displayed in the Registrar’s office where you live before the wedding can take place.
  • Are there fees involved?
    Yes, the Minister will confirm the details; however, you will normally be charged a fee for use of the church, and for the services of an organist, caretaker, steward and sound desk.
  • What if one or both of us have been divorced?
    The Minister will talk to you about the circumstances of the divorce and make a decision accordingly.

What about same-sex marriage?

On 30 June 2021, and following prayerful consideration by the whole Church, the Methodist Conference voted to confirm provisional resolutions on same sex marriages conducted on Methodist premises or by Methodist office-holders.  See Marriage and Relationships

Same Sex Marriage is possible in the majority of our churches, for more information please contact one of our Ministers to discuss this further.