Crag Road Circuit Project

Address: Crag Road, SHIPLEY, BD18 2EJ [map]
Link Minister: Rev Phil Drake & Rev Nick Blundell

Crag Road Drop-In Centre

Founded 2003 to offer confidentiality, friendship, support & hope to all! We are open every Friday 12.00pm – 3.00pm

For full details and offers of help and support, please contact us.

“Friends of Crag” Circuit Project

Over a century ago a number of dedicated and courageous Methodist people saw the possibility of building a chapel on the Crag at Windhill and set out to make it happen. Their vision found fulfilment and for many decades they worshipped and served God by serving their neighbours.  In recent years, however, their successors grew weary, and at easter 2023, the congregation met for the final time and agreed to, in Methodist parlance, ‘cease to meet’.

The Bradford North Circuit however, to which Crag belonged, although affirming the congregation’s decision, wondered if God might still have purpose and plans for Crag. In particular, the Friday Drop-in, operating for the last twenty years, illustrated something of the need for, and potential fruit of, Methodist mission and ministry on the Crag. National church initiatives around Church at the Margins and New Places for New People (NPNP) also offered encouragement and challenge as we considered, indeed consider, our response to Crag. So we are in a transitional phase, exploring the potential for ongoing mission in the area, recognising that a significant number of the residents of Crag Road area face challenges of economic and social deprivation, and that the Drop-In continues to be appreciated by its regular attenders.

A Management and Development Group has been established to oversee the project. As well as the continuing Drop-In, new initiatives have included a weekly Men’s Group, a monthly Food Share (facilitated by staff from the Windhill Community Centre) and monthly Litter Pick. Plans are in hand to start an Arts and Crafts group and a Community Garden group to make use of land at the back of the building. These activities come under the heading of ‘Friends of Crag’, advertised by a banner on the front of the building, and a ‘feather’ flag which is put out to show an activity or event is taking place.

Over the summer of 2023, two community consultation events were held as ways of listening to the views and ideas of residents. Conversations are also taking place with other community organisations about working together in the Crag area. Additionally, plans are being put in place to conduct a feasibility study of the building to help assess the potential of the building as an ongoing centre of community activity.

We have been blessed in this work by the ministry of Deacon Merry Evans, who has been key to establishing the Circuit project at Crag. Merry has now ridden off into retirement, and in his place, we welcome (in February 2024) Deacon Joy Sykes, who will continue and build upon the work which Merry has begun. Joy will be a half-time member of staff whose main area of responsibility will be to develop the project and so continue a Christian presence in the area.