Bradford North Circuit

Challenging, Enabling and Resourcing 11 Churches in North Bradford

Responding To The Gospel Of God’s Love In Christ

  • Let your peace rule in our hearts, O Lord that we may delight in your strength, rejoice in your grace and find our fulfilment in your will; through Christ our Lord. Amen. Matthew Henry (1662-1714)Faithful God, we trust in your promise that the darkness so often contains treasures: maybe not of our choosing, or initially inviting; maybe lacking the shine and allure of other more obvious treasure. May we have the wisdom to dig deep, to slow our days, to sift our diaries, to make the space to spot the hidden, to explore and appreciate all that you have for us. Help […]

Caring for one another is at the heart of the Christian message.


The Church Council is the governing body of the local church.

For those who feel called to preach or have responsibility for leading worship.




Maintaining the upkeep of our churches is an essential part of church life.


Most of the Church’s income is received through local donations.