In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength

Stations of Lament with Rev Louise Carr

The experience of pandemic has impacted on the life of each one of us. As well as managing the practicalities of lockdown we have also had to cope with a wide range of emotions and a strength of feeling fostered by the extreme circumstances we have all faced over these past few months. As we move into a new phase, of beginning to come out of lockdown, we wanted to give you opportunity to explore some of these feelings and emotions as we begin to come to terms with what has happened and still unresolved tensions in our lives. As the Bradford North Circuit we have aimed to offer a variety of resources to help explore some of these issues through worship, prayer and other means of reflection. We are very glad to be able to add to that store some new material provided for us by Rev Louise Carr from her textile art project, ‘Stations of Lament’.

Louise is a Methodist superintendent minister currently stationed in the Wolds and Trent Circuit in Lincolnshire, and formerly in the Bradford South Circuit. Between 2010 and 2017 she spent time using a variety of textiles and techniques to produce the artwork which together forms ‘Stations of Lament’. The work has been displayed in churches in Bradford and Sheffield, and we are extremely pleased that she has given us permission to use some of her material here on the Bradford North Circuit website.

There are seven main pieces, and each week a new piece will be added. Accompanying photos of the pieces will be some of Louise’s own words, and we hope that as the weeks pass by you will find them to be a stimulating and helpful source of reflection.

Text and photos, Copyright: Louise Carr

  1. Introduction.
  2. Protest: